The Internet is a weird place

Thought I’d do the obligatory “look at the weird search terms for my blog” post. Apparently putting the words “sex scenes” and “Borgen” in a blog post is the kind of unintentional SEO money can’t buy. No, I wouldn’t have thought there’d be great interest in finding brief clips of middle aged Danish people engaging in PG sex scenes before rushing off to report on healthcare reforms either. Still, who am I to judge?

I hope the people searching for variations of “gillard lying bitch” read my post and immediately became feminists/Gillard supporters. I’m intrigued by who would want to read “jokes about focus groups”. But overall my favourite search term is “Is Chuka Ummana gay?”, mainly because this blog is way past the first ten pages of results for that on Google. Someone really wants to be sure about that one. Well, Anonymous Chuka Fan, I can confirm to you that no, our Shadow Business Secretary is not, to my knowledge, gay. If that’s not the answer you were looking for, I can only hope that my little corner of the Internet has not disappointed you as much as it has all those people coming here in the hopes of seeing “Borgen nude scenes”.

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our whole plutonomy thesis is based on the idea that the rich will keep getting richer. this thesis is not without its risks. for example, a policy error leading to asset deflation, would likely damage plutonomy. furthermore, the rising wealth gap between the 1
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